Stylish stands

Many of us hesitate to light incense sticks in drawing rooms and halls because the remnant ashes may cause a mess. Here is an idea to make a useful item like an Agarbatti stand which will not only hold your incense sticks but will also contain the ashes, thereby preventing them from spreading all over the place.

Some flower bouquets bought from florists are arranged in small earthen bowls with a mesh wire covering to hold the flowers in place.  Once the flowers wilt, the earthen ware loses its utility and is usually cast away because it is too much of a trouble to remove the mesh.

It cannot be used as a pot to grow ornamental plants because it does not have a drain hole and make for perfect agarbatti stands. Once you identify the bowl, find some sea shells, snail shells, odd beads, glue, old or thickening nail polish and some acetone.


Step 1: Wash the earthen bowl well and paste the sea shells on them randomly so that there is very little gap.

Step 2: Paste beads or snail shells in the gaps such that they appear ornamental.

Step 3: Thin your nail polish with acetone and apply a coat of it on the shells to hide the frayed or scratched look and add to its sheen.

If you have a flair for painting, you could work on a similar base to give it a quaint painted look. Wash the base thoroughly and run a sandpaper over it. Bring out you fabric paints and let your imagination loose by trying out various motifs.

Once your Agarbatti stand is ready for use, you can place it in a corner even in your drawing room and add aroma to your environs in a unique and practical way.