The face behind popular numbers

The face behind popular numbers


Think of the songs Beedi from Omkara, Do U Wanna Partner from Partner and Suno Toh Zara from Wake Up Sid and one is sure to start humming them. Equally engaging is the man behind these chartbusters - Clinton Cerejo.

Singer-composer-producer Clinton keeps a low profile but his work does the talking for him, “I have struggled for almost 18 years which is a long time. But more than just gaining popularity, I have wanted longevity for my career,” something, which has ensured his success in the industry.

“I want to do good work and steadily create music which is true to myself and holds me better,” he shares, adding that he doesn’t restrict his research. “For me, everything is related and there is no better teacher than life. Even reading and travelling gives me knowledge and helps me maintain a cutting edge. But one should not restrict one’s knowledge to only the music one needs. For instance, if I have to produce music for a film on World War II, then I would like to read war essays too to understand that

“Music is what we learn on the job at that very time. It is extremely important to be well-rounded and know it all,” says Clinton whose composition Madari at MTV Coke Studio got the highest hits last year and this year, the love ballad Pinjra is set to make new records. “The rise of the independent music industry makes me happy. Ten years ago, Bollywood came in such a big way that the pop industry died a natural death and it used to be about mainstream music only. But now the pop music industry is influencing Bollywood,” which, he says, is a good sign.

Clinton’s latest project

Dedh Ishqiya is one of the most sought after by music lovers, but he is instead, “Trying to focus on singing. As a producer, I am open to evolving a song into something else and steer it the right way.

Musicians I work with are all geniuses but you also have to be judicious with what you decide. Singing is the most specialised faculty but no less demanding. It is like being a chef who makes an award winning dish by cooking every
ingredient to perfection!”

Ask him about his favourite genre and he expresses difficulty in choosing one, “For 15 years, I have sung it all from rock to jazz and always did it all with integrity and honesty.

But when I sit on my Piano after reaching home at night, the music that I create, comes out of my heart,” he confesses at last!