London scientists 'stitching' an invisibility cloak

London scientists 'stitching' an invisibility cloak

A vanishing act, a la Harry Potter.

A team at Imperial College hopes to create a cloak from a new material that can manipulate light. Normally, when light hits an object, it bounces off the surface and into the eye, making the object visible.

According to the scientists, the invisibility cloak made from “meta-material” would work by “grabbing hold” of light waves and making them flow smoothly around an object, in the same way that water in a river flows round a stick.

Putting the cloak on will allow the wearer to move around unseen, the Daily Mail reported.
In fact, the scientists say the meta-material could have a range of other applications, including creating super-sensitive microscopes and airport security sensors that can spot tiny amounts of chemicals.

However, they admit the Harry Potter cloak is likely to generate the most interest.

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