'If you can't beat them, join them'

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Last Updated 20 September 2013, 16:04 IST

Film-makers Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Varma have a history of engaging in Twitter wars but the ‘My Name Is Khan’ director says that he now wants to pick on someone else as RGV is ‘so last season’ in his life.

Karan explains that their exchange of words on the micro-blogging site was just for fun.
 “It is fun. We are having fun actually. It is a war of words for everyone’s entertainment. According to me, right now I really want to find a new film-maker to pick on because he is ‘so last season’ in my life,” Karan says.

The duo’s last spat was on Teacher’s Day. Ram initiated the fight by poking fun at Karan’s 2012 film ‘Student Of The Year’.

The post on Twitter says, “If someone takes off from Karan Johar’s ‘Student of the Year’ and makes ‘Teacher of the Year’ it will become the ‘Disaster of the Year’.”

Karan had promptly tweeted: “Disaster of the year is your territory Ramu... no one can ever replace the comfortable place you have made for yourself there.” This is not the first time that the two film-makers fought on Twitter. In 2010, Ram made fun of Karan’s ‘My Name is Khan’.

Meanwhile, Karan has collaborated with Disney-UTV for the Ritesh Batra
directorial ‘The Lunchbox’.

The director, who is famous for his larger-than-life take on romance, says that he
has attached himself to the film because he is envious of its simplicity.

   “I envy that the film is not completely mine; envy that it has the most beautiful
writing and a simple story told in a way that I can never write. So I decided to substitute envy with acknowledgement. If you can’t beat them, join them,” he says.

 Karan admits that he is incapable of making simple films but says that as a
producer, he wants to nurture such projects and learn from new directors.
Karan is planning to direct next year in September.

“I have the story and I am working on the screenplay,” he reveals.

(Published 20 September 2013, 16:04 IST)

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