Teamwork coupled with cultural experience

Last Updated 25 September 2013, 15:26 IST

When Prasanna Sembium, a Business Analyst from Chennai in India, was planning to study abroad, he initially had his sights set on Australia or the UK, but after weighing all his options – New Zealand came out on top.

After comparing the tuition fees, quality of education and culture, I felt New Zealand was the best place to be. I chose New Zealand for its top class facilities and experienced lecturers. I found the quality of education there to be very good. I looked around at different universities in different countries, but was pleased to be accepted at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) as it was the best option for me and for what I wanted to study.

I really valued the teamwork among the students. It helped me to understand and analyse complex, real-world problems. At AUT, we had a lot of group assessments, which worked really well. It provided me with an opportunity to get to know the other students.
I also gained a lot from the faculty, who had very good experience and industry background. But it was the cultural experience that made my tertiary education one of the most memorable times in life.

It was fascinating to learn about Kiwi culture and I made a lot of new friends here. I also met students from other countries such as China, Japan and Australia – so it was a very multicultural experience.

I was also working part-time, which helped me meet people and learn about the Kiwi culture further.

I made the most of my time in New Zealand, focusing on studies, but also taking time out to travel around the country. I visited several cities including Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown. I really enjoyed my time in New Zealand. In fact, it was one of the best times in my life.

Traveling is one of my passions, so to be able to go on an adventure through a country such as New Zealand was really great – I loved it. New Zealand is a unique country and can be depicted in many different ways depending on which part of the country you are in – so it was good to see it from several angles.

After completing my studies, I moved back to Chennai to further my career and secured a position as a Business Analyst at Exemplar Worldwide Ltd. My time and experience in New Zealand has helped me a lot with my job, as I need to travel professionally and meet with people from various cultures and backgrounds.

The quality of education in New Zealand is as good as any leading developed nation, and for the multi-cultural experiences in the classroom. I learnt so much going to New Zealand, not just through studying, but by putting myself outside of my comfort zone and trying new things.

As a foreign student living in a new place, it can be very challenging at first. You need to figure out the culture so you can fit in better. I would encourage prospective foreign students thinking about going to New Zealand to make the most of your time there. Focus on your studies, get a part-time job and travel around.

You will meet good people in a country like New Zealand and you’ll make some good, life-long friends. They’ll help you find a job and be supportive. Try to be confident and things will work out for you. It’s just a really great experience.

I am looking forward to advancing my career at Exemplarr Worldwide Ltd and am excited by the world of opportunities now open to me. I would definitely be interested in living in another country again for study or work.

I know that if I ever need to switch to a job when I travel to another country, the experience I gained while studying in New Zealand will help me. Even now in my job, if I meet new people from different areas of India with different languages, I have that expereince in New Zealand to draw from.

I will definitely go back to New Zealand if I have the opportunity to study or work.
I had a great opportunity to study and live in New Zealand for nearly two years where I built friendships with several people from various backgrounds, which I will cherish forever. The people in New Zealand are very polite, friendly and welcoming in nature.

(Published 25 September 2013, 15:26 IST)

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