Kiran puts foot down against Telangana

Kiran puts foot down against Telangana

Andhra Pradesh CM says Cong should respect Seemandhra

Unmindful of the warnings from party high command, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy remained defiant on the state’s bifurcation, declaring on Thursday that the issues of people of Seemandhra “are more important than the party. “

In an interview to the Rajyasabha TV aired on Thursday, Kiran, a cricketer-turned politician from the Rayalaseema region, said the party should show sensitivity towards the feelings of Seemandhra people as the state always showed a preference for the Congress.
The chief minister was responding to the question on anti-bifurcation agitation rocking the region for the past 57 days.

Asked if he was on the warpath with the Congress, Kiran said: “It is not the question of me being on the warpath, but I have to answer the concerns of the people.
When thousands of people have got certain concerns, it is all the more my responsibility as the chief minister to satisfy them.”

He added that it would be difficult to proceed with the state’s division without addressing the concerns of people in Seemandhra.

AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh told a delegation of Telangana Congress leaders that Kiran Reddy was chief minister for the entire state and not for a particular region. He responded to allegations by the leaders that the chief minister was acting in a partisan manner when it comes to anti-division agitation.

The defiant chief minister said the state’s and people’s concerns are more important than any party calculations, adding that it is people who decide the course of action for any party.

“We are answerable to the people. Each party has got its own views but here the issue is much bigger than the party. The concerns of the people of the state are much bigger than the party or party's view," he said.

 Dviding the state would throw up several contentious issues such as dividing water resources, government employees, access to education, jobs and medical facilities, most of which is centred around Hyderabad. “All these concerns should be addressed before  thinking of a solution,” the chief minister added.