Filled with hopes and expectations

Filled with hopes and expectations

Enthusiastic lot

The freshers of BMS Institute of Technology were given a warm welcome by the college authorities and their seniors at an inaugural programme held recently.

The freshers’ programme was conducted for students in the engineering, MCA and architecture courses. The first-year students were excited to start a new and very important phase in their lives.

While some students could be seen chatting happily, others were listening intently
to what the teachers had to say.

Along with some useful advice and insights about the college, the students were also instructed on the many rules and regulations that they will have to follow in the coming years.

It was a new beginning for them and they noted that making new friends was the best way to start off.

NR Narayana Murthy, executive chairman, Infosys Limited, who had been invited for the occasion, congratulated the students and asked them to be patriotic.

“To me, patriotism is about working ethically and wholeheartedly in our chosen sphere and enhancing public good for the country,” he said.  Komal, a first-year student, was looking forward to the activities as well as the academics that will follow.

“I am thrilled and feel really blessed to be pursuing something that I wanted to. I have heard so much about this college and now that I am a part of it, it feels surreal.

I know that the journey is going to be tough but there is a lot to look forward to. I have made some very nice friends and I am sure that the next couple of years are going to be fun-filled and adventurous,” she said.

Others were looking forward to the classes and the cultural programmes that were in store.

“College is not just about academics — there are many other things that are a part of college life. I will make it a point to take part in the cultural activities and also try to excel in academics; striking a balance is important. I also want to make many friends as college is all about friends,” noted Pallavi, a student.

The presence of Narayana Murthy filled the students with enthusiasm and for many, it was a dream-come-true to see him.

“I have always admired him and seen him as an idol. Listening to him was an honour. He was witty and asked us to work for the country and contribute towards the development of the nation,” added Komal.