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Last Updated 30 September 2013, 15:52 IST

Doraemon or Ninja Hattori, undoubtedly, is not an alien term for any kid or youngsters today. Even parents know of these cartoon characters after hearing them plenty of times from their kids.

But what is interesting is that many youngsters are getting more and more inclined towards designing comics  in their own style as a result of being part of the huge fan following for these cartoons.

“It is easy to express the story via comic books,” says 15-year old Adarsh Dalabehera while attending a comic historian workshop at the fourth Anime Convention held recently. Jotting down a few notes, he began to scribble on his white sheet and within an hour creates a page of a comic book. “I first try to understand style and then try to create my own character. Thereafter, I decide a story,” says Adarsh, who want to create his own comic characters that will be as popular as Doraemon.

Adarsh started drawing these cartoons sketches at the age of eight. But 21-year-old Prerna Ananthram, got involved with comic books when she was in Std IX.

Being a graduate in history, Prerna wants to make comics that take history into account and that too in interestingly. “I want to design comics that have some reference to our past. There are comics on mythology but there are no comics that talk about history in a very creative and a refreshing way,” says Prerna.

Besides her artistic skills, Prerna loves to design cartoons because, “I always see emotions in their eyes. It instantly establishes connect with you and make you feel as if everything is real. That is why people of all age groups are fond of comics,” she says.

But Vidyun Sabhaney, a City-based comic book writer was drawn towards comic books designing in 2008 when she attended a workshop on French comic books. “I met an artist there and got interested in creating my own comic books,” says Vidyun.
To become a good comic creator, Vidyun believes that one has to have an expertise in the art of storytelling.

“Almost a year ago I got a grant from an art funding organisation in Bangalore to study the different forms of storytelling. This knowledge helps in generating the content but the creativity lies in making it more interesting by looking at the technical aspect of it.”

She says, “There is no comic industry in our country at present but as youngsters are getting more interested in animation, new comic books with fresh content will flood the market soon.”

(Published 30 September 2013, 15:52 IST)

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