Chetan, Reena win gold in fine fashion

Mysore's Sonith Mendon completes sprint double

Chetan, Reena win gold in fine fashion

Chetan B soared to a meet record in high jump while Sonith Mendon completed a sprint double on the second day of the Dasara Games athletics programme here on Monday.

Chetan cleared 2.07 metres to erase the mark of 2.06 set by S Harshith last year. The Bangalore City high jumper was a cut above the rest of the field with the second-placed Abhishek N Shetty of Mysore managing only 1.84 metres. Vinay Kumar, another Mysorean, claimed the bronze at 1.84 on a countback.

Mysore’s Mendon, winner of the 100M on the first day, won the 200M in 21.51 seconds.
Vikas Putran of Mysore finished in 21.80 seconds for the silver.

Reena George of Mysore topped in the women’s 200M in a time of 24.49 seconds, erasing Bebe Sumaya’s meet record of 24.6 in the process.

Another meet record fell in the men’s 110M hurdles, with Srikanth M of Mysore picking up the gold in 14.87 seconds, bettering the mark of 15.1 set by M K Sumanth in 2011.

Bangalore Rural’s Sumanth had to settle for silver this time, in 14.94 seconds, also better than his old record.

Mysore’s Suraj won the gold in the men’s 1500 metres with a timing of 4:15.87.

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Results:  Men: 200M: Sonith Mendon (Mysore) 21.51 seconds, 1; Vikas Putran (Mysore) 21.80, 2; Salim Sheikh (Bangalore City) 22.46, 3.
1500M: Suraj (Mysore) 4:15.87, 1; Rahul B (Bangalore Rural) 4:16.29, 2; Vinay N (Bangalore City) 4:16.67.
110M hurdles: Srikanth M (Mysore) 14.87 seconds (NMR. Old: 15.1, Sumanth M K, 2011), 1; Sumanth M K (Bangalore Rural) 14.94, 2; Samarth S (Mysore) 15.29, 3.
High jump: Chetan B (Bangalore City) 2.07 (NMR. Old: 2.06, Harshith S, 2012), 1; Abhishek N Shetty (Mysore) 1.84, 2; Vinay Kumar (Mysore) 1.84, 3.
Discus throw: Sheethal Kumar (Bangalore City) 44.26 metres, 1; Sachin S V (Bangalore Rural) 40.68, 2; Sudhir R S (Mysore) 40.36, 3.
Women: 200M: Reena George (Mysore) 24.49 seconds (NMR. Old: 24.6, Bebe Sumaya, 2012), 1; Priyanka K (Belgaum) 25.37, 2; Arpitha M (Bangalore City) 25.61, 3.
1500M: Shruthi K C (Bangalore City) 5:00.26, 1; Shradharani S Desai (Mysore) 5:01.59, 2; Farheen Sheikh (Belgaum) 5:05.83, 3.
100M hurdles: Priyanka S G (Mysore) 14.68 seconds, 1; Pragna Prakash (Bangalore City) 14.84, 2; Harshitha (Mysore) 16.39, 3.
High jump: Harshini Kumari (Bangalore City) 1.57 metres, 1; Joyline Lobo (Bangalore City) 1.55, 2; Sumithra P B (Mysore) 1.53, 3.
Discus throw: Niveditha Sawant (Belgaum) 36.39 metres, 1; Shahajahani (Mysore) 28.94, 2; Kalavathi (Bangalore Rural) 28.20, 3.

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