High on wishes

High on wishes

Fairy Tale

High on wishes

He has played a variety of roles, of a fanatic fan of an actress in Masti, to the comic role in Awara Pagal Deewana, from the negative one in Kasoor to that of a kid, who grows up overnight in his latest movie, Aao Wish Karein. Talk about his latest movie and you can see a broad smile on Aftab Shivadasani's face. It is also his debut production and the journey was not easy. “I have waited patiently for the completion of Aao Wish Karein,” he said.

“It is a family entertainer and family includes everyone from grandparents to small children. Recently, I read somewhere that I was confused as to who my film was targeted at. The film is a fairy tale and people of all age groups relate to fairy tales. You don't have to be a child to believe in miracles,” he said. He speaks about the film like it was his baby.

Aftab said that his favourite role till date is the one he has essayed in Aao Wish Karein and his favourite co-star is Aamna Sharif.  Ask him what kind of roles he prefers to do and he says, “I like serious roles like the one I did in Acid Factory but people like to see me in comic roles, so I do those as well. I like to do all types of roles that is why I’m an actor.”
Now that he has stepped into production, is direction on the cards? “No, I don't want to direct movies. Production and direction are two different aspects of movie-making and they are not easy,” he informed.

The lead pair was earlier seen in Aloo Chaat which had all the ingredients of a Bollywood love story, but didn't do well. “I didn't do a post-movie analysis, so I don't know why it didn't fair well. I don't usually crib about what is over as it is past. I just think about the future,” he said.

Talking about his future projects, he said, “All the while Aao Wish Karein was on my mind. I haven’t signed any other movie.”  Is he interested in joining the bandwagon of film stars doing reality television? He opined, “No dancing for me. I'm not interested in participating in any of the reality shows. But I wouldn’t mind hosting one. However, I haven’t been approached by anyone till now.”

 Aftab likes to spend his free time with his family and friends as he doesn’t get much time to spend with them. He is interested in sports and is also a voracious reader. “Travelling is another thing I like doing in my free time. My favourite getaway is London, though travelling anywhere abroad is relaxing. In India, I love to visit Goa,” he said. “I have also come to Bangalore earlier and I like it here. It is calmer and greener than Mumbai,” he added.