Chitra storms into semifinals

India’s Chitra Magimairaj stormed into the semifinals of the IBSF World Snooker Championships even as the men’s challenge ended in the last-16 round here.

Chitra, who has been in good form of late, blanked her fellow Bangalorean Varsha Sanjeev 4-0 (59-47, 71-42, 61-26, 61-27) on Saturday morning to assure India of medal from the championships.

In the semifinals, Chitra will lock horns with Wendy Jans of Belgium, who has been undefeated in the tournament so far with some fine displays.

In the pre-quarterfinals earlier in Friday, 17-year-old Varsha outperformed Arantxa Sanchis 4-1 while Chitra got the better of Vidya Pillai 4-2.

Manan Chandra and Shahbaaz Adil Khan lost to England’s Jeff Cundy and Zhao Xintong of China in their respective pre-quarterfinal matches to end India’s march in the men’s section yesterday.

While Chandra was outclassed 0-5 by Cundy, Shahbaaz was defeated 1-5 in an one-sided contest.

Results (Indians only): Men: Manan Chandra lt to Jeff Cundy 0-5 (54-75, 0-120 (103), 25-65, 69-74 (74), 20-77); Shahbaaz Adil Khan lt to Zhao Xintong 1-5 (46-83, 18-72, 40-67, 31-61, 85-54, 55-68).

Women: Chitra Magimairajan bt Vidya Pillai 4-2 (79-40, 85-16, 33-59, 43-46, 74-56, 61-52); Varsha Sanjeev bt Arantxa Sanchis 4-1 (68-26, 37-64, 54-19, 68-4, 59-33).

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