Dancing all the way

Dancing all the way

The 3rd International Tango Festival organised by 2To Tango over the weekend saw participation from various Tango enthusiasts from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Auroville, Canada, South Africa, Italy, USA and many other countries including 2011’s European Salon Tango Champions from Porto, Portugal Alexandara Baldaque and Fernando Jorge.

The two major show stoppers of the event were the Tango Champions; Alexandra and Fernando and Rakesh Borar and Mitali Saran. They made everyone crave for more with their scintillating performances.

An elated host, Rakesh Borar, director, 2To Tango, said “It has been a phenomenal festival, and am sure it will lay the foundation for a big Tango community in the future. I believe Tango dancers in the country really look forward to this annual event.”

According to Rakesh, Tango grows on you as an addiction where you just want to improve your technique,  the music and put that great effort to achieve a great connection with your partner.

“I’m an avid dancer and I love Tango that’s why I’m here for the third time,” said Kitu Gidwani, actress and Tango dancer.

According to her it’s a beautiful form of dance and people are increasingly accepting this dance form.

Over the last two years, 2To Tango school has showcased artistes from Argentina, USA, Australia and Europe. This year’s highlight was European Salon Tango Champions for the year 2011, and exponents of the Villa Urquiza style of tango, from Porto, Portugal: Alexandra Baldaque and Fernando Jorge.  Different themes and orchestras captured the mood of each night, and the energy and interactions on the dance floor during the International Tango Festival.

The orchestras covered all styles of the Tango era starting from the Guardia Vieja – old guard, to the different facets of the golden age – early, rhythmic, lyrical and dramatic.

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