It was a riot of colours

'SHREKTACULAR' production

Children were in for a treat over the weekend as Bethany’s High presented ‘Shrek — The Musical’, at the Jyoti Nivas College Auditorium.

Presenting the popular animated Hollywood movie ‘Shrek’ was the team of Bethany’s High, who have given some great musicals over the years like ‘Smike’, ‘Yo Sista’, ‘Under da Sea’ and ‘Disney’s Aladdin Junior’. It was a venture that involved 300 cast and crew, comprising students, staff, alumni and parents in honour of the institution’s golden jubilee year.

With the underlying theme of ‘Beautiful is not always pretty’ and ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’, the musical started with its popular song ‘Big Bright Beautiful World’. It showcased the journey of a young Shrek, an ogre who is told by his parents that he
is ugly and will be hated by everyone.

This turns out to be true and Shrek grows into a bitter person who lives alone in his swamp and has no friends. However, Donkey, who wants to be his friend, follows him to no end with lines like ‘Well, it’s no wonder you don’t have any friends! Only a true friend would be that cruelly honest!’ The two finally end up becoming friends.

Meanwhile, the evil Lord Farquaard, who wants to become a king, has set his eyes on Princess Fiona. The Magic Mirror reveals to him that Princess Fiona is currently trapped in a castle guarded by a dragon.

Impressed by Shrek’s built, Lord Farquaard assigns Shrek and Donkey the task
of bringing Fiona to him. He promises Shrek the deed to his swamp in return.

The two meet succeed in bringing Princess Fiona along with them. But the princess and Shrek begin to fall in love with each other. The princess also has a terrible secret — a curse which makes her turn into an ogre when the sun sets.

That’s why she wants to marry Lord Farquaard as soon as possible as only her true love’s kiss can return her to her love’s true form.

As she is explaining this to Donkey, Shrek overhears a part of the conversation and there is a huge misunderstanding. This is cleared at the end as Fiona is about to exchange vows at the aisle with Lord Farquaard. As the sun sets, Fiona turns into an ogre and marries Shrek and they live happily ever after. 

One of the best scenes of the musical was the part in which all the fairytale characters came on stage. It was a grand riot of colours and music. Other funny scenes
involved popular songs placed in funny situations. For instance, the five witches singing ‘If You Wanna Be My Lover’ or the Dragon singing to the scared Donkey, ‘Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?’.

The hall was packed with children and proud parents. Roshini, a student of Christ University, thoroughly enjoyed the musical. “It was really good. I have seen their musicals earlier. The last time they had performed ‘The Little Mermaid’ and I had attended that as well. It was very good too.” 

The proceeds of this event went towards the aid of 70 differently-abled students of Bethany Special School, which caters to their emotional and physical needs.

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