Welcoming holidays with open arms

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Welcoming holidays with open arms

The holidays are here for engineering students and they want to make the best use of their time. While some are looking forward to pursue hobbies, others are all set to travel. Metrolife spoke to students who shared their plans for the holidays.

Bhargav D Sanketi, a first semester engineering student from RV College of Engineering, has a packed schedule. “There is so much that I’ve planned to do. I’m really interested in photography and hope to pursue it during these holidays. Besides, the theatre group that I am part of, will be performing at a fest. So we are practising rigorously,” explains the biotechnology student.

Bhargav, who is planning to pursue digital image processing after he passes out, says, “Although my syllabus doesn’t cover coding, I am planning to learn it because it will help me in the long run.” That’s not all! Bhargav has also started ‘Share Your Story’, a project where the students of his college can share their experiences or stories which are then turned into a documentary. “We started this a while ago. We work on each documentary for two weeks which is then shared on a channel,” he explains. 

RC Navnith, a second-year mechanical engineering student who is also a part-time DJ, says, “I’m hoping to focus on DJing during the holidays. I will also be going to Mysore to spend time with family,” he says. “And I’m also working out as it’s my New Year resolution,” he adds. 

A civil engineering student, Tejas Deshpande will be spending a part of the holidays doing a project on the outskirts of the City. “But after I get back, I will be learning music. I play guitar for a band and will also be learning the sitar and sarod from my grandfather,” he says. Keen to travel alone, Tejas adds, “I’d love to backpack from Kashmir to Ladakh. Let’s see how that works out.

” Eager to gain some industry experience, Abhikalp Unakal, who is pursuing computer science from PES South Campus, is spending his holidays doing an internship. “It was my choice to do it. It’s a great value-addition and will look good on my resume,” he says, adding, “In my free time, I play the keyboard.”

Mohnish Raj, a second- year mechanical engineering student from New Horizon College of Engineering, is looking forward to devoting some time to sports during the holidays. “It’s a month-long holiday and at the end of it, I will be heading to Dubai with my family for a vacation. Meanwhile, I will probably be joining a language class,” he says.

For a couple of others, the holidays are a welcome break. “The semester was so hectic and I spent sleepless nights preparing for the exams. I enjoy waking up late with nothing to do. I’m catching up on movies and meeting friends. It’s so relaxing that I’m dreading going back to college,” says Archana R, a second-year computer science student.

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