For crunchy 'bajjis'

For crunchy 'bajjis'

Crispy taste

For crunchy 'bajjis'

A view of the stall. DH photo by Srikanta Sharma

If you are a foodie and exploring options for crispy and crunchy food items, then you shouldn't miss this bajji shop. 'The SLN Bajji Corner' at Net Kallappa Circle in Basavanagudi is quite famous for all types of bajjis and pakodas. The aroma
of the fried stuff spreads across that stretch of the road teasing the tastebuds of passers-by.

Baalekai bajji, capsicum bajji,  bread bajji, onion pakoda, Mangalore bonda, aloo bonda, Maddur vada, kachori and samosa are some of the items listed on the menu of this small shop. They also prepare delicious jilebi which is favourite among many customers. The special thing about the food corner is, they make a variety of bajjis with onion, carrot and coriander leaves. The shop is crowded during evening hours.

“People from all walks of life come to taste our bajjis. Most of the customers prefer to have hot bajjis here itself. We take a lot of care while preparing the food items as people think twice before having oily stuff,” says Shivakumar, the owner.

"We also undertake catering services for parties and functions, where sometimes the guest list exceeds more than 1,000 people,” he adds.

Sunanda, who resides nearby, frequently visits the place to relish the capsicum bajji and samosa along with her neighbours. "I became addictive to the crunchy capsicum bajjis here. The aroma of the bajjis, when they are being fried in the evenings, reaches my house, and it has almost become a ritual for me to come to the shop to buy the bajjis for my family," she says.

For Brijesh, a student, the bajji shop has become the meeting point where his friends come daily and they chit chat while eating the bajji. "Usually, after class hours my friends and I rush towards this junction to have crispy bajjis. Kachori and bread bajji are my favourite items and I end up ordering second time these very items every day,” says Brijesh with a smile.

This place is certainly not for those who are too conscious about their diet and are wary of calorific values. But others can just come and have a bite.