Police begins preliminary inquiry against director Rupesh Paul

Police begins preliminary inquiry against director Rupesh Paul

Police begins preliminary inquiry against director Rupesh Paul

The rift between Sherlyn Chopra and director Rupesh Paul of 'Kamasutra 3D' appears to have widened after the Bollywood actress lodged a police complaint against him.

In a written complaint addressed to the Santacruz police on Monday, actress Sherlyn Chopra alleged that Paul did not pay the remaining Rs seven lakh, of her total remuneration.

She alleged that Paul had threatened to forfeit her remaining remuneration for the movie 'Kamasutra 3D', after she rejected his sexual advances, the police said.

The Santacruz police has begun a preliminary inquiry against director Rupesh Paul after Sherlyn's complaint.

However, senior inspector Arun Chavan said that the actress did not turn up at the Santacruz police station to record her statement despite repeated requests.

"We requested her to reach the police station and record her statement several times, but she did not come, stating that she has been busy," Chavan told PTI.

When contacted, the actress claimed that she was occupied with prior commitments due to which she could not go to the police station.

"Either tonight or tomorrow, I will go to the police station to record my statement," Sherlyn Chopra told PTI.

Earlier this month, Sherlyn Chopra had dissociated herself from the movie 'Kamasutra 3D', which is expected to hit theatres by May.

"Allegedly, Paul threatened to use her nude footage as porn in the global commercial porn market and not in the 'Kamasutra 3D' movie. Paul said that he would replace Sherlyn Chopra with another actress in the film," another police officer said, quoting the actress.

The actress also claimed that the director had sent her vulgar and obscene email, besides abusing her, the police said.

Meanwhile, except the charge about that Rs seven lakh were yet to be paid to actress, director Rupesh Paul has denied all other allegations.

"The payment was to be made in four parts. The fourth part (of Rs seven lakh) was to be paid, after she came for dubbing. (But) now that she has said that she is not doing the movie and would not do dubbing, what should we pay her for," Paul told PTI, reacting to her allegations.

He has claimed that he is quite stunned that the actress has alleged sexual advances and that he would use her nude footage as porn.

"She is a liar. These allegations are baseless. She used to call me 'Appa' and 'Captain'. She used to touch my feet before shooting. The fact is that she mentally tortured us a lot. She was too demanding and she made the crew wait for hours on the sets. It was hell working with her. It was because of the producers that I had to adjust with her," Paul said.

He revealed that whenever they went to various film festivals to promote 'Kamasutra 3D', Chopra listed her demands like luxury class tickets and expensive clothes.

Paul said that it was Sherlyn Chopra who had uploaded a nude video of herself online, after which she was removed from the film. Later, she apologised and then the filmmakers took her on board again, he said.

He denied that he had sent her abusive emails.

"I have all the evidence I have never sent her such messages or emails," he said.

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