Bal gets 'Mumbai for all' bouncer

Bal gets 'Mumbai for all' bouncer

Bal gets 'Mumbai for all' bouncer

Dear Sachin,

You have played like a king on the playground. You have got international fame, lots of money. You have not only become a lakhpati or crorepati but also an abjopati (billionaire). But nobody is complaining about it. Instead, we are proud (of you)! On the playground you are shining with a new glow.

But before the Marathi mind could come to terms with your straight drive, you made a statement — “Though I am proud of being a Marathi and a Maharashtrian, I am a Hindustani first” — at a press conference, leaving cricket and venturing into politics. You have said something more: “Mumbai is not the monopoly of anyone. All people of Hindustan have an equal right over Mumbai.”

Sachin, the Marathi mind was shattered after hearing this. Was it necessary to say this when everyone is poised to grab Mumbai? Why did you take this ‘cheeky-single’ while talking about your Marathi pride? Here you are ‘run out’ on the pitch of Marathi Manoos. We don’t understand why only the Marathi Manoos get such epileptic fits? (You don’t know) how Marathi Manoos secured Mumbai, as you were not even born then. Maneater Murderji Morarji Desai had gone on a rampage.

This rampage resulted in Marathi Manoos bleeding on the streets. Hundred-and-five Marathi people sacrificed their lives for Mumbai. This Mumbai can’t belong to the father of any parprantiya (people belonging to another region) And if anyone tries to sever it from Maharashtra, the Marathi Manoos will finish him off. We are all proud of our country and one should be so and you sportsmen should play for the country. But what about every cricketer playing only for himself nowadays? The country is going through several crises.

Maharashtra is worse. Farmers are committing suicides, people are groping in the dark because of power cuts, prices of vegetables have skyrocketed, and inflation is on the rampage.

Drought, Mumbai’s slums and diseases are spreading. Influx of (people from) Uttar Pradesh (and) Bihar is hitting Mumbai, in which Bangladeshi Muslims have spread like a virus. Has a person like you, who thinks about the country, ever thought about it?
Mumbai may be the economic capital of the country, but don’t forget that it is the capital of Maharashtra first. Sachin, remember, when you strike fours and sixes people applaud, but if your tongue continues to bat against the nyaya, hakk (justice and rights) of Marathi Manoos, then the Marathi Manoos will not tolerate it!

Hence, I want to give you an affectionate warning for the moment that don’t lose on the political pitch whatever you have earned on the cricket pitch.

Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra.