Indian brothers were buried 1200 tonnes of ice in New Zealand

Indian brothers were buried 1200 tonnes of ice in New Zealand

The inquest into the deaths of 24-year-old Ashish Miranda and his younger brother Akshay Miranda (22) began in the South Island town of Greymouth this morning, according to 'The Age' report.

The two were killed on January 8 this year while holidaying with their parents and cousins on New Zealand's South island.

Regional Coroner Richard McIrea said it was "an unthinkable tragedy" and the purpose of the inquest was to look into how they died and the safety procedures the Department of Conservation had in place at the time of the accident.

Autopsies showed both men died instantly from crush injuries. Police said 1200 tonnes of ice that was up to five metres thick fell on them. Some of the ice blocks in the rubble were as large as vehicles.

A witness who was near the terminal face of the glacier at the time of the accident said he saw the brothers standing there taking photographs and then heard a cry.
"I looked towards these two and they were staggering away from the ice, turning to get away. I then heard a moan from the ice where they were. These two men looked tiny against the falling ice. The ice fell vertically and hit them. They were totally engulfed," he said.