Girls skip Board exams in UP riot-hit areas

Girls skip Board exams in UP riot-hit areas

Girls skip Board exams in UP riot-hit areas

Notwithstanding the Uttar Pradesh government’s claims of normalcy and rehabilitation, the victims of the last year’s riots continue to live in fear in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts even five months after the communal violence.

Several girls belonging to a particular community have chosen to skip the UP Board examinations, that began a few days back, as they were reluctant to go to the exam centres fearing for their safety though the administration had claimed that it had made all arrangements to ensure their safety.

Reports said parents of many girls refused to send them to the examination centres in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts as they were situated at places which had witnessed communal violence in September last year.

“My examination centre is in Lisad village. So my parents did not allow me to appear in the exam from there,” said a girl. Incidentally Lisad in Shamli district had witnessed large scale violence last year.

The girl’s father also confirmed that he refused permission to her to appear for the exam from Lisad centre. 

“I have three children and all of them have skipped the Board examinations. The place is not safe for our girls,” said the father.

“The girls had worked hard and prepared for the examinations but we cannot put them into any risk. The decision has pained me also,” the father said adding that many like him the riot torn district have taken the similar decision.

However, the officers claim that they have taken all possible steps to ensure safety of the examinees at the centres. 

Muzaffarnagar and Shamili districts had witnessed large scale communal violence last year in which 62 people had been killed and hundreds others injured. 

Over 45,000 people had to leave their homes and take shelter in the relief camps. Though a large number of riot victims living have left the relief camps, as many as 10,000 have been still been living there and have refused to return to their native villages fearing violence.