Spoofing suicide can be scary

Spoofing suicide can be scary

Spoofing suicide can be scary


Kannada (U/A) **

Director: N Omprakash Rao

Cast: Chiranjeevi Sarja, Saanvi Srivastav, Nagashekhar, Sadhu Kokila

All right. Chandralekha is a 'horror comedy' taken from Sudhir Babu-starrer Prema Katha Chitram. The latter went on to become a hit while the remake...

Kannada film makers at times seem to have a closed mindset, refusing to even entertain the notion that the audience is wise beyond their imagination and that viewers have a large heart when it comes to forgiving the careless lapses made under the guise of cinematic licence. And so, Chandralekha too exploits this fact and chugs along to its boring end. 

Three friends with suicidal thoughts decide to act upon them quickly and head to a farmhouse. But not before realising their last 'desires' (there's no bank heist scene alas).

On their way, they are joined by another who is quite keen to become a ghost! Once they reach the farmhouse, the staff try to dissuade them from staying, using the all too familiar haunted house ruse. What happens when two of the would-be committing suicide guys decide to get close?

Chandralekha answers this most important question of all in its own fashion.

Comedy is the mainstay of this film, overriding the supposed horror element in the film. Nagashekhar tries his best to be funny till Sadhu Kokila takes over and then it is a riot, with some laughing at the sheer futility of the attempt to eke out laughs!

Sadhu’s wig sometimes pales in comparison with Nagashekar’s tummy competing with that of Rangayana Raghu! Saanvi makes a decent debut. But can’t project enough spookiness.

Chiranjeevi Sarja would do a LOT better if he kicks his smoking habit, sheds weight, shaves his beard and works hard at dialogue delivery. Inserting a song towards the end also pulls the film down. Chandralekha is strictly for brainless masti.