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Last Updated 20 March 2014, 13:48 IST

Bored with blue and black denims – it is time to get over with it and look forward to printed jeans as the new styling option. From animal to tribal, floral, camouflage and striped, printed jeans are hot this season and will stay so for a long time ahead.

A number of animal-inspired prints have been incorporated into denim wear. Jungle cats prints such as leopards and cheetahs are perhaps the most commonly found, but many other animal prints also becoming a rage. For instance zebra prints are a very popular pattern for printed jeans.

Military-inspired camouflage print jeans are also trending. The most wearable camouflage jeans (or camo jeans) feature a skinny fit and an all-over print in muted green or tan shades. Some also feature special details, like zippers at the ankles.

Try camouflage printed jeans with a white lace T-shirt or a silky beige blouse. Feminine accessories also look right with camo jeans outfits, such as gold hoop earrings and slim bangle bracelets.

What is more popular these days is the floral print. A rose or a daisy print will convey more of a day look,  black floral prints in dark coloured jeans convey a more edgy, night-time feel. It can give both an innocent and sexy look. But a piece of advice for girls who are short, steer clear of large prints as it can overwhelm your frame. Striped jeans are flattering to most figures, as the vertical lines help to accentuate the slimness of the thighs and make the legs look longer. Choose neutral coloured striped jeans in black, gray or white.

Paisley print looks subtle with the print being the same colour as the jeans. It gets a bold look when bright-coloured paisleys stand out from the denim background in contrasting colour.

When wearing printed jeans, it is important to choose neutral colours such as white or tan so as to not overshadow the print. Women should stick with styles that flatter their figures. Lankier women should stick to cuts that create curves, while women who are more hourglass-shaped should avoid lower rises and flap pockets.

“Jacquard denim fabric, laser printed and fabric printed are the trends this season. For this summer we have introduced an all new line of printed denims D.F.X Special Effects which in addition to bold patterns and prints promises superior fit and comfort,” says Chakor Jain, business head, Lee Jeans.

(Published 20 March 2014, 13:47 IST)

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