Nominees must enter all data in online affidavits

Nominees must enter all data in online affidavits

Nominees must enter all data in online affidavits

No contestants for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls can leave any column blank while filing his or her affidavit online since the software would automatically reject it, said the Election Commission.

However, the online facility is available as an optional measure.

“Online submission will not accept any incomplete application in respect of columns which are required to be filled in mandatorily and thereby ensures that no column is left blank which may lead to rejection of nomination paper,” an EC directive sent to all Chief Electoral Officers said.

The decision by the Election comes in the wake of a Supreme Court order allowing the returning officer to reject nomination papers of a candidate for non-disclosure and suppression of information, including that of assets and their criminal background.

Candidates going for e-filing facility will have to enter the required information through the website. For the convenience of the candidates, the software allows candidates to take printout of their online submission on a stamp paper.

The printed copy on stamp paper will have to be certified by a public notary, first class magistrate or an oath commissioner.

Notably, the online affidavit can be changed by the candidate using the portal even after taking a printout on a stamp paper anytime before submitting it personally to the returning officer.

In September last, the apex court ruled that voters have the fundamental right to know about their candidates and leaving columns blank in the nomination paper amounts to violation of their right.