CPM backs controlled economy

CPM backs controlled economy

CPM backs controlled economy

The CPM has come out strongly in favour of a controlled economy with public sector at the commanding heights.

The party manifesto talks in a language which had been prevalent during fifties and sixties. The alternative policies proposed by the party includes self reliant economy, land reforms and planned development.

The party has come out with its blueprint of a welfare state that will have universal PDS and other social security schemes for the poor. The manifesto also bids for increased expenses on education, health and scientific research. This reliance on Nehruvian era policies is reflected in party’s advocacy of non-aligned foreign policy as well.

“In his speeches, Modi attacks neighbouring countries including Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Nepal and China. We are for friendly relations with all the neighbours. We believe that we should pursue an independent and non-aligned foreign policy, ” the manifesto says.

The CPM manifesto released on Thursday takes on Narendra Modi’s Gujarat model by terming it as “a dangerous mix of patronage for the big business and corporates”.

Releasing the manifesto, party general secretary Prakash Karat said, “Narendra Modi who has been projected as the prime ministerial candidate and the Gujarat model that is touted by the BJP, represents a dangerous mix of patronage for the big business and corporates combined with rabid communalism.”

“There is no difference in the outlook of the BJP as far as economic policies are concerned. It is a pro- big business rightwing party which is based on the Hindutva ideology,” said Karat.