'Development bypassed this constituency'

'Development bypassed this constituency'

Development seems to have bypassed villages in North-West Delhi constituency which lag behind in infrastructure, says BJP’s candidate Udit Raj. 

He is promising extension of the Metro line to villages and development on farm land acquired by the government.

“On winning the elections, I will ensure that the Metro gets extended up to Qutub Garh village near Saraswati Vihar,” said the former Indian Revenue Service candidate.The sitting MP has ignored the constituency and there are ample indications of this across the area, he said.

Apart from the need to add to the number of colleges and hospitals in the area, the state of current health facilities, especially in Mangolpuri and Sultanpuri, has to be improved, he said. Things are no better in some of the upscale colonies as well, he said.

There are villages and colonies whose approach roads have been damaged extensively over the years and no action has been taken, he said.Eyeing rural voters

Udit Raj is also eyeing the rural voters by promising to promote infrastructural and commercial activities on farm land acquired by the Delhi Development Authority.

Taking time off from his campaign in Peera Garhi, Mangolpuri and Sultanpuri, the former Income Tax department official said,  “The poor farmers’ land was taken away about 35 years ago. No development has taken up on it. There are no jobs for the youth either.” 

“Given a chance I would push for early utilisation of these large chunks of land in the constituency so that it generates jobs and boosts the local economy,” he said.The former student of Jawaharlal Nehru University said the curbs on extension of ‘Lal Dora’ are hurting the villagers.

“The population of villages is growing and so is joblessness. Extension of Lal Dora areas can solve the immediate needs of these areas,” said the contestant, who his fighting the election from Delhi’s largest constituency with over 20 lakh voters. 

Holding out hope for the middle class colonies like Rohini, the BJP leader said as an MP he will try to do away with discrepancies in growth patterns.

Talking about Aam Aadmi Party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal, Udit Raj said he was his junior in the Income Tax department and a non-performer. “Kejriwal claims to be a fighter against corruption but he did not do anything to fight the problem while he was working in the Income Tax department,” he said.

Udit Raj countered his rivals’ attempts to label him as an outsider to the seat and said, “I have been living in Delhi for the past 54 years. Just because I was not born here, does not give anybody the right to call me an outsider.”

“By the same standard then many politicians in Delhi would be outsiders,” he said.