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Last Updated 28 March 2014, 14:30 IST

Pav bhaji lovers can be seen gorging on the fresh hot food that is served at this small cart near Koramangala Police Station.

This popular pav bhaji cart has scores of foodies surrounding it most of the time, especially in the evenings. The cart has become so popular that Manoj, who runs this small business, has added more items to the menu.

“I started making pav bhaji a while back and that attracted many customers who visit the park or stay in and around the area. I stuck to the original recipe and did not innovate a lot. That did the trick. Besides that, I also try to stick to fresh ingredients. I chop the corianders leaves and the onions only when the customer orders for a plate, unlike others who keep everything ready. Though it takes a little longer for me to prepare the items compared to others, my customers are happy. That is one of the main reasons why they come back to me,” says Manoj.

   Pav bhaji is not the only item that he prepares. Manoj and his assistant also dole out butter pulao, paneer butter masala, palak paneer etc at affordable rates. He explains that though there are enough and more options in the area, when it comes to food, he has his set of regular customers who come to sample his preparations every now
and then.

“There are many customers who come here regularly for dinner and a quick snack after office or in the evening with friends. I also pack dinner on
a regular basis for many of them. Most of my customers are young professionals. Sometimes, I also have families who come for a stroll in the area and try the pav bhaji,” he notes.

The unique selling point of the pav bhaji here is the special masala that is added to the dishes.  Manoj points out that the masala is made by him. He prefers to make it instead of using the masala that is sold in the market. “I can easily buy the masala and add it to whatever I am making but I want to do things differently. I make the pav bhaji masala for a couple of days and keep it. I also
keep the masala ready for the other dishes I prepare so that the taste is different. It stands out from what is served in other places,” he adds.

Weekends are packed and the pav bhaji and other items here sell like hot cakes. Some customers also ask him to customise the dishes for them and he obliges. While some ask for more butter, others want him to add more spices in the items.

   He is happy to cater to the tastes of his customers and says that it is the need of the hour. The cart is located on Ganapathi Temple Road, near Koramangala Police
Station, outside Lakshmi Devi Park, Sixth Block,

(Published 28 March 2014, 14:30 IST)

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