Security compromised at Kaiga?

Security compromised at Kaiga?

IGP observes loopholes, breach of protocol in shifting radioactive material

Security compromised at Kaiga?

The IGP who visited the plant on Thursday observed that there are loopholes in the internal and external security measures at the Plant and that protocol is not being followed while shifting radioactive materials within the reactor site.

The observations, in the light of the recent incident of heavy water contamination has stirred up a hornet’s net. The team investigating into heavy water contamination is convinced that the “mischief” is a deliberate conspiracy. Personal vendetta between the employees or the possibility of anti-national elements using the employees for sabotage at the nuclear power plant also cannot be ruled out.

Kaiga plant, dedicated to the nation in March 2000 by the then prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, has always been on the hit list of terrorists. In fact, Army was deployed for the security of the plant during Independence Day celebrations last year. It is being speculated that the terrorists, unable to breach the security cordon may resort to “other routes” to strike at their target.

Suggestions overlooked

In view of the security concerns, Raman Gupta, after assuming office as SP of Uttara Kannada district had written to the director of the plant as well as the Central Industrial Security Force, twice, suggesting to beef up security to the plant as well as the staff quarters. He had advised to keep a vigil on the vehicle drivers and augmenting lighting arrangement on the plant and quarters complex. However, the KAPS Board did not consider the recommendations seriously. Two employees of the Plant died under mysterious circumstances, subsequently and the suggestions are yet to be given effect to in full force.

On the other hand, the recent incident has also raised a concern on the radiation hazards from the nuclear plant, set up after much opposition from the public. Meanwhile, the first unit of the plant, which was halted for biennial maintenance has started power generation from Thursday.