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Celebrating the third year since the creation of the Bangalore chapter of Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College Alumni, a screening of ‘The Unseen Sequence – Exploring Bharatanatyam Through the Art of Malavika Sarukkai’ by film-maker Sumantra Ghosal was recently held at Vivanta By Taj, Yeshwanthpur. 

Before the screening, a film made by an LSR alumnus Vandana Kohli on the college and its values was showcased.

One could see the smiling faces of ex-students across batches sitting up every time a familiar face or place was seen on screen.

Following this, ‘The Unseen Sequence’ started with a beautiful sequence of Malavika dancing in a trance-like manner in the Chidambaram Temple.

In the first ten minutes itself, the title of the film was explained.

It went something on the lines of ‘dance is all about suggesting the infinite in a moment.

It’s about performing the unseen sequence, not only what the audience sees’.

Throughout the film, there was a very interesting narrative that revealed lesser known facets of the danseuse’s personal life and journey with the classical form.

It also beautifully recreated the history of young ‘devadasi’ temple dancers and even traced the history of bharatanatyam till the modern context. 

What kept the viewer gripped was the honest way in which Malavika would open up about what the dance meant to her.
 From admitting that it requires a person to let go of their own perceived image of themselves to how there is a deep dialogue taking place when one dances in front of the sanctum sanctorum, it was an insightful journey for all.

“There was beauty and grace in the film and it was wonderful to get a chance to see a full-length film on a danseuse like Malavika. It’s a must-watch for both dancers and non-dancers,” said Radhika, an audience member, adding, “It’s one of the nicest non-fiction films I’ve seen.”

In the post-screening interactive session moderated by alumnus Vinita Bali, Sumantra and Malavika intelligently responded to the questions, making it an even more enjoyable experience.

Rashmi Misra, president, LSR Bangalore Alumnae Chapter, was happy with the turnout.

“Malavika, you’re a role model for us and what LSR stands for – leadership through excellence powered by intellect and free thinking,” she told Malavika.

She added, “The idea behind this event was to have a chance for the entire LSR group in Bangalore to get together and give back to the college. When we’re together, we feel 18!”

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