Fancy Aadhaar numbers a new obsession

Fancy Aadhaar numbers a new obsession

People seek UID number that matches their numerology

Fancy Aadhaar numbers a new obsession

People’s penchant for fancy numbers, especially those matching their numerology, seems to be bothering the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) officials.

The officials have always got queries about the Aadhaar scheme and the number. But, of late, they have been getting queries on the possible change of Aadhaar numbers according to their numerology.

Many people are cautious while choosing the registration numbers of their vehicles, mobile phones, landline phones and even their residential and commercial establishment door numbers. Now, their new obsession seems to be the humble Aadhaar number.

Mathew (name changed), a mechanical engineer, recently, got his Aadhaar card.
When he showed the number to his family, they added all the numbers and the final number came to eight, which according to their numerologist, was not lucky for him. He was thus wondering how he could change the number. There are many like him.

An UIDAI official, on the condition of anonymity, told Deccan Herald, “We get all types of queries. The list also includes change of number according to numerology. Numbers are randomly generated by the computer. It is then verified with the 60 crore-odd UID numbers that have already been generated to ensure that it does not match or repeat.
“This whole process takes around 30 days after which time it is issued to the people. So, we cannot cancel one number or issue another.”

The official added that they had also found that people were trying various methods to check whether they can decode numbers to trace the identity of other people, especially after the sting operations pertaining to immigrants getting the Aadhaar cards. UIDAI officials are now taking extra care while allotting the numbers.

All permutations and combinations possible are being tried before issuing the Aadhaar card, so that it does not match, leading to a code or link to any geographical region, language, religion, group or even gender.

“UIDAI assures that these are just identity numbers and not a code of any person. Further, if the number does not match to the cardholder’s  numerology or horoscope, then it is up to them.

“Other government identification numbers like the PAN number, the TIN number and the driving licence number are not matched as per the people’s fancy. Then why are questions raised about the UID number,” the official wondered.