Krishna confident of Ramya's win in Mandya

Krishna confident of Ramya's win in Mandya

Krishna confident of Ramya's win in Mandya

Campaigns for Vishwanath in several parts of Mysore

Former external affairs minister, S M Krishna ruled out factionalism in Mandya Congress and expressed confidence that sitting MP Ramya would emerge victorious again from Mandya Lok Sabha constituency.

Responding to a question, he said that he had already campaigned in the constituency and everything was ‘cooked and ready’ for the candidate’s victory. On whether directions were issued to him to campaign in Mandya, he said, “It is my duty to campaign in Mandya. There is no need for any directions for me to campaign in the constituency,” he added.

He was speaking to the media, ahead of campaigning for Congress candidate from Mysore-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency A H Vishwanath, here on Monday.


Congress and its allies were ‘extremely confident’ of winning the elections and retaining power at the Center. “Fears that UPA would lose, was expressed in 2009 also. UPA however, formed the government. We are not scared of defeat. If we lose, we will take collective responsibility and will not blame it on a person,” he said.


On whether the results in the State will be a referendum for the State government, he said that the election was about national issues, where the party was seeking answers for the challenges faced by the country. 

Therefore, it cannot be a referendum to the State government, he said. But, the contribution of the State government and its populist schemes would help the party win the elections, he added. On Modi wave, he quipped that he was still searching for the wave.

On a question on whether he would retire from politics, he said that he would neither retire from politics, nor contest elections in the future.

He took part in a road show seeking support for Vishwanath, at Paduvarahalli, Vontikoppal and Hebbal in the city. The road show at K G Koppal was called off, owing to the death of Ramegowda, a prominent person in the locality.