Is mobile recharge message on WhatsApp real?

Is mobile recharge message on WhatsApp real?

Is mobile recharge message on WhatsApp real?

Come elections, candidates do all they can to woo the voter. With every single vote making or marring a contestant’s prospects, doling out freebies matter.

Given that it is a do-or-die battle, political parties, despite the hawkish eye of the Election Commission, nonchalantly indulge in it. For, ultimately what matters most for them is bringing the voter to the booth and hoping that he would be grateful for the goodies he got when pressing the voting machine button.

So, it being IT City, and WhatsApp, the new mode of reaching out to the man with the mobile, a supporter of a key party seems has gotten into the act. 

The message being circulated on WhatsApp the last three days is: “Vote for BJP (Modi) send this to your 15 friends and get Rs 551.49 balance free. Election offer not a joke. Now my balance is Rs 551. Come on.”

Needless to say, when things come gratis, why would anyone not fall a sucker – hook, line and sinker? Those that fell, simply flared stating it “must be a joke,” given that they were taken for a royal ride.

Veena M, a student, had this to say: “I sent the message to over 15 people; in fact everybody on my list. But my balance did not increase. This must be a joke. It could be like other messages stating ‘send this prayer to 10 people and your problems will be solved’.”

Concurring, another student Mamta, however, was appreciative of the gimmick, as it did the trick it was intended to elicit. 

She said: “Even if it is a joke, the point to reach out to masses and create a buzz has worked. Everybody is talking about the message and the money offered. This is an interesting way of capturing attention.”

Lest the party face the Election Commission’s flak, a BJP spokesperson said: “We do not have to resort to such cheap gimmicks to attract voters. We have not circulated such a message and will not do so either.

The BJP does not need to send such messages. It must be the mischief of some people or the opposition. This is, in fact, indirectly benefiting us, so why should we bother.”

Chief Election Commissioner Anil Kumar Jha said: “We will investigate the matter. It is a violation of the model code of conduct. It will be strictly dealt with.”