In control of senses

In control of senses

Drive Right

In control of senses

With the festive season around the corner, it was the right time for Radio One to launch their campaign against drinking and driving. And they did, starting off with a fruitful and informative panel discussion followed by a celebration that further drove the message home.

As the crowd of party goers came in to mix and mingle and indulge in their favourite tipple, the topic of the evening was the soon to be implemented strict no drinking and driving rules. ‘Radio One for the Road’ was the safety slogan and pledge which people signed with much enthusiasm.

“I am all for really strict laws that force people to take cognisance of the fact that if you are not in control of your senses, you should not be handling a killing machine like an automobile.You will be endangering not only your own life but the lives of innocent people,” said Prasad Bidapa who was at his articulate best.

“We are a group of students from Iran and we plan on having a designated driver amongst us whenever we go out partying. We certainly don’t want any hassles with the law while we are in a foreign country,” said Maqbool a young engineering student.

The crux of the campaign was that there are solutions to safe partying and one can have a good time with some precautionary measures that are simple to implement. “With Easy Cabs providing a safe and convenient method of reaching home safely after a late and probably wild night, it makes sense to use these services and save everyone a lot of trouble.The cab service number is also easy to memorise no matter how befuddled your mind is,” said Rajesh a regular party-goer.

“As a parent with two young children, I know how risky it can be with peer pressure and the tendency to speed on the highway after a couple of drinks.I am sure these campaigns from radio stations which young people are always tuned into will have a positive impact on them.They must realise that partying within limits and not getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks is the only safe and sensible way to survive the parties and New Year celebrations without landing in unnecessary trouble,” added Prasad.