A celebration with bright colours

A celebration with bright colours

A celebration with bright colours
The students of PES Degree College celebrated ‘Ethnic Day’ on campus recently. They came dressed in attires which showcased the varied culture of the country. 

The ‘Ethnic Day’ gave the students an opportunity to explore their creativity and bring it out in the best way possible. 

Most of them wore clothes from their native places and tried to portray the interesting culture of their states. 
While some innovated with the sari, many others wore bright colours to stand out.

Geethapriya L and Bhargav S of final year BCom were selected as the ‘Best Ethnic Girl’ and ‘Best Ethnic Boy’ respectively. Bhargav S said that it was a very enjoyable concept.
“It was great as we don’t generally wear a veshti or a dhoti everyday. 
Some of us might wear it once in a while during a family function or a festival. We got a chance to know our traditions and culture. It was a lot of fun. Many students tried to coordinate the colours. They wore bright turbans,” he said. 

Geethapriya L said that the campus looked beautiful as everyone had dressed up well. 
“It was a pleasant sight. Not only did we get some time off studies, we were also able to enjoy the function with our friends,” she noted.

Students found the event quite refreshing and were happy to spend some time with their friends. 
“This was a function where all of us could spend some time with each other. It was refreshing as not all of us get time to be with friends. We tried to showcase the best of our region. This function was also very educative as different regions and states have different styles and we don’t generally get to know about them unless someone highlights it. This function was an eye-opener for most of us,” says Latha.

The girls stole the show with their graceful saris and jewellery showcasing different weaves from different regions and the way different communities wear the sari.