BSP councillor shoots at neighbour, booked

BSP councillor shoots at neighbour, booked

A Bahujan Samaj Party councillor allegedly shot at his neighbour on Thursday night in outer Delhi’s Prem Nagar area. While the victim was injured in his right thigh, the accused is yet to be arrested.

The councillor from Prem Nagar Pushpraj, 46, had earlier contested the 2013 Delhi Assembly elections from the Kirari constituency, but was unsuccessful in his attempt.
Pushpraj was allegedly miffed with his neighbour Vinod Kumar from a long time.

He saw Kumar’s business of supplying construction materials as disturbing, as several trucks arrived and left his shop till late every night.

As per law, movement of  trucks is restricted during the day time and is allowed only at night. Police said the councillor had confronted him several times in the past, but Kumar had expressed his compulsion in operating at that time of the night.

According to a police officer, Pushpraj noticed the trucks yet again on Thursday night and arrived at the victim’s shop to confront him.

When Kumar asked asked the councillor the reason for arriving at his shop at that time of the night, Pushpraj allegedly pulled out his pistol and shot at him.

Before anyone could recover from the incident, Pushpraj fled from the spot. Police are also investigating if he was inebriated at that time, it never appeared during their earlier confrontations that he would ever resort to such an extreme step.

Kumar was hit in the thigh and rushed to a hospital nearby for treatment by his employees. Police said he is out of danger.

An attempt to murder case was lodged against Pushpraj at Aman Vihar police station and police have launched a hunt for the accused in Delhi and nearby states, said an officer.