One for the album

One for the album

Eventful Day

The students of Oxford College of Arts and Science had a ball as they celebrated ‘Women’s Day’, ‘Farewell’, ‘Ethnic Day’ and an alumni meet recently.

The ‘Women’s Day’ festivities kicked off in the morning with a series of events. Colleges from various branches of the Oxford institutions participated in essay and poetry competitions in English, Hindi and Kannada. 

“The festivities ended with a cultural programme by students from all semesters of the arts department. They sang and danced keeping the spirit of ‘Women’s Day’ alive. There were documentary screenings on different subject. A celebration of women’s rights had to end with something brilliant and the first-year students of the Arts College portrayed some self-defence techniques for women, which was highly informative and entertaining,” said Lalitha, a student.

The alumni meet celebrations saw over 300 alumni across various streams come back to their alma mater to reminisce their college days and to meet their beloved teachers and friends. 

Some students attended the meet from states like Rajasthan, Manipur, Nepal and Assam.

“The stage was set for the festivity with an array of cultural programmes. It comprised of some very skilled dances from various genres like classical, folk, western and contemporary. The alumni was absolutely thrilled by the programme hosted for them. The event concluded with a feast and photo sessions,” said Sabina.The ethnic day celebrations saw the students and faculty sport traditional attire showing the essence of their ethnicity. 

“Celebrating ‘Ethnic Day’ is a lot of fun. As a student from Nepal, it was a wonderful experience for me to see other ethnic attires of India and I got to learn about the culture of different states,” said, Bristi Osti, a first-year student.

The farewell celebration for the batch of 2011-2014 was a very special event for the students. 

The final-year students were certainly dressed to impress on their final day as they arrived in their best outfits. 

They dined together and had a lot of fun playing the games hosted by the juniors. Awards were given to students on the basis of highest attendance, best conduct, most talented and best outgoing students.

This was followed by a cheerful photo session in the campus with teachers. It was a heartwarming and a nostalgic session where the final-year students went on the stage to talk about their memories.