Power of light, might and divine insight

Power of light, might and divine insight

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience - Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr
Light is the vital power for our existence in the physical world, because light makes it possible for us to see things as they are. It saves us from confusing a piece of rope with a snake.

Without light there is nothing but stumbling and groping in the dark. Just imagine what would happen if there is no light even for an hour? The thought itself is so scary. That’s why we experience that speed is curtailed and movement is slowed down in the event of a blackout.

Just as light is necessary in the physical world, in the same way spiritual light, or enlightenment, is an essential pre­requisite for the human soul’s journey towards perfection.

Without this enlightenment, there would be a blackout in the mind, which would impair our ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

Since all our actions originate in the mind as thoughts first, it’s necessary to support the right type of actions with the right type of thoughts.

Or else, it may result in fumbling, groping, fear, confusion and accidents, leading us into a state of grief and suffering.

In order to facilitate full-speed acceleration in our journey towards perfection, light alone is not enough. Because speedy progress calls for the thrust of might and divine insight i.e., the eye of conscience or the mind’s eye, which must always remain open to envision every event and situation in its right perspective.

By developing a far-sighted, holistic vision that takes into account all aspects of time and space and the influence and consequences of thoughts, words and deeds, we would be able to liberate ourselves from the narrow-minded and self-centred approach.

We would then not be blindfolded by pride and prejudices and would naturally be free from all kinds of fears and favours.

When there is thick fog or dust storm outside, visibility becomes poor and in some cases one’s vision is temporarily impaired, even though the eyes are very much there.

In the same manner, the dust of illusion and the thick fog of confusion prevent the mind’s eye from functioning properly.

So, in order to safeguard the mind’s eye, let’s put to use this triple power of light, might and divine insight, so that we always do the right thing at the right time at the right place and in the right manner and fly towards our goal of perfection at Godspeed.