Jaswant may return to BJP, Raje miffed

Jaswant may return to BJP, Raje miffed

If a series of events taking places in Rajasthan BJP is of any indication, the party may end with several power centres in state BJP.

While rumours about Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje being upset over her son being denied a place on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet still continue, the possibility of Jaswant Singh’s re-induction in the Bharatiya Janata Party is now back to haunt some party leaders. 

According to sources, Modi has written a letter to Singh, former External Affairs Minister and BJP rebel, acknowledging his contribution to the party and seeking his help in nation-building.

This is being pointed out as an indication of Singh’s likely return to the party to utilise his vast experience and knowledge in foreign affairs.

In the letter, Modi has acknowledged Jaswant Singh’s efforts for ending India’s international isolation after the  nuclear test in 1998.

Interestingly, both Jaswant Singh and Raje are seen as old rivals and it was Raje who is believed to have denied a Lok Sabha ticket to him from Barmer constituency.Modi’s letter suggests that the party has has no hesitation to use his experience, despite his differences with Raje.

Sources in the party feel that Singh could be given an important responsibility. If he is brought back to the BJP, he will be a new power centre in western Rajasthan.

Similar is the case with Om Mathur, who has emerged a top contender for the post of national president. He is seen as another opponent of Raje.

Party leaders strongly believe that even if Mathur is not elevated as party president, he will get an important role in the government due to his long association with Modi.In both situations, Mathur will be another power centre in Rajasthan. 

Raje, who was given free hand in both Assembly and Lok Sabha elections doesn’t seems to enjoy the same clout and influence at the Centre, which is evident from her failed attempt to get her son in Modi cabinet.

This has reportedly activated her old rivals in the party, a couple of them  now   legislators.