The door to many stories

The door to many stories

At a time when classical dance caters to a niche market, two artistes are trying to attract a wide audience through interesting themes and storylines.

A dance-drama, titled Dwaaram, will be showcased by bharatanatyam stalwarts, Vani Ganapathy and Sathyanarayana Raju, on June 13 at Chowdaiah Hall.

The main theme of the feature is to depict stories and instances from mythology, through the perspective of a door, which stands as a silent spectator to every event.

It includes the transitions and thought-process of man from the world of Maya to a space of spirituality, through the perspective of five doors — Rajadwaaram (the door of a palace), Veeradwaaram (door of a fortress) Gruhadwaaram (door of a common man) Daivadwaaram (door of the divine) and Atmadwaaram; (door of the soul).

Speaking at a press conference, Vani Ganapathy, said “I presume that doors have eyes and ears, but if doors had mouth, they would have told us many stories.The door is a witness for kings, queens, warriors, saints, devotees and the common man. In the play, the door says that it has witnessed all the navarasas.We have incorporated tales from Mahabharatha, Ashtapadi and Javali for the dance-drama. One of the scenes that will be depicted is the disrobing of Draupadi from the Mahabharatha, where the door is a witness to evil and humiliation. The compositions are a from a range of languages — Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.”

Satyanarayana added that it depicts transitions of the deadly sins that we forgo through each stage which are kama, krodha, loba, madha, as we move to spirituality.

“The main props I have used for this play are doors and doorways. This entire concept is new to me and it has been a fruitful experience. This project taught me how to think about a certain space differently and I want the audience to go back with different perspectives once they have watched the performance,” he added.

Vani said that she had  the idea in 2006 itself.

“Dance itself cleanses my soul as I go to the lord ultimately. I want the audience to take back the message that they are constantly being watched.The door of their soul is always watching them.” 

Vani referred to her mother, Indubala Ganapathy, and said that she hoped her mother will watch the performance from the Dwaaram above.