After 20 years, Ostrich lays 10 eggs in Delhi zoo

After 20 years, Ostrich lays 10 eggs in Delhi zoo

The Delhi Zoo may finally have some new members in its winged family with an Ostrich laying 10 eggs between May and June. This comes after over 20 years as the zoo only received two ostriches from Thiruvananthapuram Zoo in March.

“This is after almost 20 years that we might get a chance to see baby ostriches being born in the zoo campus. Of the 10 eggs laid, the female ostrich is now sitting on six of them. We hope that we will see at least 50 per cent of the eggs being hatched,” said curator Riaz Ahmed Khan.

“It laid eggs in an interval of four days between the end of May and beginning of June,” said Khan. The incubation period is usually 40-45 days. However, with the mercury soaring, the incubation period might come down to even 35 days. 

“The rising temperature is an advantage as eggs are hatched more favourably in high temperatures. The incubation period may come down by a few days this season. But there are disadvantages as the ostrich has laid eggs in the field. The eggs are under threat from thunderstorms and crows,” said Khan.

The zoo authorities have also stepped up seasonal-friendly measures to help birds and animals cope with the heat. While animals are being given 2 kg meat lesser than usual, birds are being fed seasonal fruits.

“We are giving kheer, milk and bread to animals as these help keep the body cool. For birds, the diet is a little different. They are being given seasonal fruits like cucumber and watermelon,” said Khan.