Modi's dos and don'ts for first-time BJP MPs

Last Updated 28 June 2014, 21:09 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday spelt out a list of dos and don’ts for the party’s over 150 first-time MPs, warning them against any form of corruption or nepotism.

Addressing the MPs at a two-day training session organised by the BJP at Surajkund near here, Modi asked them to “focus on three things: achar (conduct), vichar (thinking) and vyavahar (behaviour)”.

He urged them to realise that with the transition from the Opposition to treasury benches, bigger responsibilities have been cast on them.

“To be a Member of Parliament is an important thing, and one must look at it seriously. Remember, people are observing your performance in the House as well as outside. Our transition is not limited to moving few feet to the other side. This is a significant transition, and we must try to appreciate its meaning.”

The prime minister asked the party MPs to highlight “the fact” that policies nurtured by the Congress over the past few decades have not been able to mitigate people's suffering or solve problems.

He said, “Just like we made the Centre Congress-mukt (free from the Congress rule), the same thing has to be repeated wherever Assembly elections are taking place in the states.” Modi dwelt at length on “parliamentary conduct and decorum”, emphasising that they had to be maintained under “all conditions”.

A BJP leader quoted Modi as saying: “I too am a first-time MP, and I too am undergoing training at the Prime Minister’s Office and learning from the seniors.”

He wanted the first-time MPs to develop a sense of mission towards their duties and select at least one subject for deeper understanding.

Urging party MPs not to get disillusioned and go to the public with “small and petty issues”, he reminded them that there is no full-stop in politics.

Modi asked them to eschew every kind of negativism, stating: “We are a family, and all are working for a common goal. Try to make new friends, learn from each other and develop a new collectivism.”

Modi also listed ways to nurture their respective constituencies and make use of the media, especially the social media, in spreading the BJP's message. 

(Published 28 June 2014, 21:09 IST)

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