On a hazardous mission

On a hazardous mission


On a hazardous mission

The number of cyclists on the roads of the City has been on a rise. Many of them take up great causes to promote while they enjoy their passion too.

Roshan, a Bangalore-based businessman and a member of the Rotaract Club of Bangalore South, is one of them. 

Helping the Rotary Clubs in their mission to eradicate illiteracy in India by 2017, Roshan is cycling across the seven states of the North East and teaching children in government schools. “I will be cycling from Kanyakumari to Kolkata and then across the seven states of the North East for the next one and a half years,” he says. 

“This campaign of literacy for all will be like the ‘End Polio Campaign’, which was started by the Rotary around 20 years ago. Now that polio has been eradicated in our country, our next mission to remove illiteracy by 2017. So I am the brand ambassador for this cause and will be going to as many government schools as I can. Apart from teaching the students, I will also ensure that the principals and headmasters of these schools keep giving us a constant report on the programme,” he adds. 

From running a coffee business to working for this cause, Roshan has come a long way. Elaborating on the term ‘TEACH’, he says that it stands for Teacher support, E-learning, Adult literacy, Child development and Happy schools. “These are the values that most schools today should function on. This is required especially in government schools,” he notes. 

Though he is keeping a low profile about his ride, he would like as many people as possible to be aware of the initiative. People can even sponsor his ride. 

“It would be great if people can come forward and adopt these schools. Youngsters could also go to these schools and teach subjects like computer science and English. I’m on this mission but I can’t do everything alone. People also have to come forward and help. Their involvement is extremely necessary,” he quips.

On a simple diet and workout regime, Roshan informs that this isn’t the first cause that Roshan is part of. 

“I had earlier gone on a biking trip across India, Nepal and Bhutan to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS. And this time, I hope to reach out to 500 villages. While most youngsters like to pursue an MBA, this experience is an equivalent of an MBA for me,” he signs off.