'The metal scene here is really good'

'The metal scene here is really good'

New Album

'The metal scene here is really good'

Girish and The Chronicles’, the heavy metal and hard rock band, will launch their debut album in Bangalore at Hard Rock Cafe on September 4.

Sharing his views and thoughts on the album,  the lead guitarist and vocalist, Girish says, “This is mainly a tribute to the classics to bring back the good old songs of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Our main influences are the sounds of the overdriven guitars and the immense energy. Hard rock and classic metal are the sounds that we’ve created for our fans and the album is dedicated to all the fans who love the ‘80’s and ‘70’s music.” 

The album, ‘Back on Earth’ features eleven tracks whose sounds will take music afficionados and connoisseurs back to an era of ‘Rock n Roll’ and legends like Steven Tyler, Axl Rose and Bruce Dickinson. Some of the songs of the track include ,’Ride to hell’, ‘Coz its you!’ and ‘Angel.’ “Our main influences include Led Zeppelin, ‘AC/DC’, ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Guns n’ Roses. We are mainly a thrash and glam metal band who are trying to revive the love for classics,” says Girish. 

Formed in the latter half of 2009 in Sikkim, ‘Girish and The Chronicles’ was founded by Girish Pradhan, the lead vocalist, guitarist and the band gained a multitude of accolades and performed at many fore running metal festivals. On how the band was formed, Girish tells ‘Metrolife’, “My brother is the bassist and we were jamming ever since we were kids. Soon, a series of unplugged shows started and we performed in a lot of metal festivals. People came and watched us and soon the name, ‘Girish and the Chronicles’ came up.”
 Talking about the challenges faced in Sikkim as the music scene is quite isolated as compared to the rest of the country, Girish says, “There are a lot of challenges as it’s a small place and the reception has to pick up. However, it’s a good place for start and to learn so youngsters’ can develop on their skill.”

Girish is hopeful about the classic metal scene in Bangalore and terms it as ‘great’. “The metal scene here is really good. There are a lot of upcoming musicians and some great opportunities like many wonderful metal fests for them to perform.

 Though Bollywood is a major music scene here, metal has a huge scope.” Girish has another side project called ‘Silver Tears’, which specialises in a different genre and says, “We all have our own individual projects but give ‘Girish and the Chronicles’ equal time as well.”