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Grill it

»Are you someone who likes to party at home? Magic barbecue is just the right choice for you. With a 2000-watt powerful heating system, this electric magic barbecue is quick to assemble and easy to maintain. 

Keep up with the conversation and join the party while cooking deliciously grilled, barbecue and tandoori delights. You could very well use it daily on your dining table. After all, a family which cooks together stays together!

The electric barbecue grill comes with an operation indicator light, and grill rack at the bottom to stack raw food. There’s also a raised cooking rack to keep the food warm after cooking; wind-shield support and slide handles to make cooking convenient. 

So, you could now cook delightful dishes at your dining table or in your garden area, even as you enjoy the conversations with friends and family. 

Hold on 

»If you are looking for designer wine and champagne holders, Ekaani is the one-stop destination for you. Associated with renowned international brands such as Recuardo, Enrico Sabadini, Astra Argenti and Leader Argenti, the company serves clients through their dealer/franchisee, tie-up with stores and boutiques around the country. They have a wide range of products in the home decor segment - wine holder, centre pieces, trays and platters, ornate basket and bowls, treasure boxes, tea and coffee sets, candle stands, corporate gift sets and lot more.  Other than silver-platted products imported from Italy - with lacquered polish to prevent them from getting tarnished - they also have the God range, made in porcelain with 24-carat liquid Gold and 925 Sterling Silver.

Home fashion

»Add style and panache to your bedroom with the new enchanted range of luxury bed, pillow and cushion covers, crafted and designed using the most exquisite range of fabrics from across Europe. 

The Enchant Collection showcases some of the latest trends in European home fashion. With this one-of-a-kind range you can experiment with a variety of colours and designs that are hot trends in homes across the globe.  

The perfect home décor is just a cover away. The opulent bed covers are specially crafted so it can lend a designer feel to your bedroom. Use this on top of your regular sheet and voila! You’ve transformed your home into one that looks like it’s right off the ramp. The set includes one bed cover, two pillow covers and two cushion covers.