People's Problems

People's Problems

West Park Road turns dumping yard

The intersection between West Park Road and the 15th Cross in Malleswaram is turning into a dump yard as garbage is being dumped in the area regularly.

Also, the wall and the footpath on 15th Cross near the park is being used as a urinal.
To add to this misery, the basketball stadium has turned into an eyesore as construction work has been going on for a long time in the area.

Venugopal B,

BBMP library timings inconvenient

The timings of the BBMP Library located in Sanjay Nagar Park near Geddalahalli is now 10 am to 5 pm. It should be noted that many residents come to this place only in the evening as it is very convenient to find time after returning from office. I hope that the authorities concerned will restore the old timings of 8 am to 11am and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

V S Ganeshan,
AECS Layout, Sanjaynagar

More buses to Kanakapura

Two new engineering colleges -Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management and Jyothi Engineering College have opened in the last 2 years and are situated on the Kanakapura Highway between the NICE Road junction and the Art of Living ashram.

The year before the last there were approximately 500 students travelling to and fro. Last year, another 600 students got admitted and the students traveling increased to approximately 1,100. This year, the students travelling are approximately 1,700 to 1,800. All these students invariably take the BMTC but the number of buses in this route has remained constant.

It may also be noted that all these students travel between 8 am and 9 am. This adds to the peak hour rush. I request BMTC do a quick survey and add additional services during the peak hour in the morning and evening.

Mahesh S S

Margosa Road needs asphalting

The road stretching from the small park,12th Cross, to the crossing of the Margosa Road dead end needs urgent asphalting. Kindly do the needful at the earliest. The stretch has become a dangerous area with hawkers doing their business on an empty plot which is full of garbage, including medical garbage. At night time, the area also becomes the sprouting ground of criminal activities.

Gowda D K

More seats  needed for senior  citizens in buses

There are only four seats reserved for senior citizens, both male and female, in BMTC buses. Some mischievous people have also erased the name board that cites that the seat is reserved for senior citizens. There are about 10 to 12 seats reserved for women. Hence many senior citizens are forced to stand and suffer. Please arrange to allot at least 10 seats for senior citizens ( male and female) without any additional expenses.

B S Ganesh

No streetlights on 100 ft Outer Ring Road

We request the authorities to repair malfunctioning streetlights on 100 Feet Outer Ring Road between Dr Rajkumar Memorial Junction and NH 4 Gorguntepalya Junction and NH 4 Junction (Chief Air force Engineer’s Office) and Railway Gate.

The above road is the busiest junction and the road connects NH4, NH13 and the proposed NH 275. Now, as the new flyover construction project is underway at Dr Rajkumar Memorial Junction, the present situation of this junction is chaotic.

Apart from traffic snarls, one has to carefully drive between the above stretch as the main road itself is in bad condition. There are no streetlights on this main road connecting NH-4, making it extremely difficult to drive at night. One has to depend only on visible headlights of the oncoming traffic which is a nightmare. Such being the case, it is highly appreciable for the concerned authorities to repair the malfunctioning streetlights.

I request the concerned authorities to take note of the absence of streetlights between NH 4 Junction (Chief Air force Engineer’s Office) and Railway Gate.

Varun Dambal


Doddakammanahalli Road  in pathetic shape

The Doddakammanahalli Road between Nobo Nagar and NICE Road bridge, has further deteriorated and appears like a river bed with water.

This road claimed the life of a young lady just three months ago and despite this fatal accident, the road from Nobo Nagar to the bridge on NICE road has not yet been levelled, tarred or provided with a raised footpath. I request the authorities to restore the road immediately to avoid fatal accidents.

P R Balakrishna,
Tejaswini Nagar


No bus stop at all at  Richmond Circle

BMTC bus routes from Hanumantha Nagar/Bank Colony towards Shivajinagar has an official Bus Stop at Richmond Circle. Recently, at about 8.30 am, when was returning from Richmond Circle towards Hanumanthanagar, I was told that buses will stop underneath the flyover right at the traffic signal junction.

However, not a single bus turned up even after waiting for more than half an hour.
I was then informed by a senior citizen that all buses will reach Double Road via SR Nagar and hence it would be advisable to reach Double Road point near KSRTC HQ office, which is about one km away, to get the bus.

Later the conductor of Route No 37, confirmed this information.  This establishes that on return, there is no bus stop at all at Richmond Circle.

BMTC should therefore decide on a boarding point in the vicinity of Richmond Circle for the benefit of passengers.

R Sridhar,

Open drain attracting insects

The BBMP officials have left open an incomplete trench of drainage for the past 45 days.
This has resulted in people dumping garbage there at Ward No 115, Viveknagar Main Road.

The trench has also been attracting crows, rats, stray dogs, cockroaches and mosquitoes. We have brought this to the notice of the concerned officials but no action has been taken yet.

The open drain needs to be covered for the safety of pedestrians and those who litter should be fined for creating a health hazard.


Foul smell from garbage

The road leading to Narayana Institute from Puttenahalli Circle in JP Nagar 7th Phase is a classic example of callousness and neglect. The narrow road through which hundreds of vehicles pass through every day is full of large potholes.

What is left of the road has been encroached by the BWSSB, which has dumped huge pipes along with heaps of garbage.

The other side is being used to park garbage vans, goods vehicles and APSRTC buses going to Tirupati.

There is hardly any space left for vehicles and pedestrians to make their way. Also, the road does not have any lights. With the rainy season, the garbage has been rotting and emanating a very foul smell. Stray dogs and pigs feed on the garbage. This garbage dump is located adjacent to the Govt High School and hundreds of children have to bear the stench.

All this, along the bund of Sarakki Lake which the BBMP intends to beautify, is causing a lot of inconvenience. It is unfortunate that citizens, elected representatives, the government agencies and officers responsible for maintenance of the area, have not bothered to set things right.

Will they at least set things right now before some serious health hazard/road accident occurs?

Girish Dixit, JP Nagar

Ply more buses to Mt Carmel College

Students from Mount Carmel college have to travel for a distance of 2 km to reach a bus stop to go to Majestic and from Majestic. There are very few buses and they are often very crowded. Autos here charge exorbitantly or refuse to ply for short distance.

BMTC officials are requested to look into the matter and ply a bus along this route, Preferably when the college starts by 8.30 am and ends by 4.00 pm. It would be of great help for the students.

Rekha Manjunath

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