Footwear with a unique appearance every day

Last Updated 18 August 2014, 12:28 IST

Ever wondered if you could buy one sturdy sole of a footwear and mix and match different straps with it every day? Well, this could be a fashionista’s dream come true. A new footwear brand has come up which provides you with soles and detachable straps in various fabrics, colours and designs!

So you can team up a new pair of sandals to go with your outfit everyday sans the hassle of an overflowing shoe wardrobe.

What’s more, it also saves you money, so you can invest in buying more outfits than sandals all the time.

Solester is a one-of-its-kind shoe shop in India. At the moment it operates only in the online space through Flipkart and its own website www.solester.com. Such fashion innovations are common in the west, though, with a European brand even offering casual sandals which transform into canvas shoes and then into ankle-length and knee-length boots with the help of smart zippers.

Solester, though, is offering only sandals with interchangeable straps and soles right now.

Co-founder Nitin Setia, who was formerly a human resource management person, says, “We (co-founders Pankaj Setia, Vivek Sethi and him) were inspired by our own girl friends. They would hunt for sandals for days and weeks and end up with similar footwear differing only in colour or strap design. We decided to do this (solester.com) for them.”

So Solester, right now, offers sandals, flats, wedges and heels in terms of soles. For the straps you have the full-range of colour, and leather, cloth, khaki, denim and ivory for fabric.

They have an in-house designer who keeps an eye out for the latest in fashion. ‘Quality and Comfort’ are their go-by words, they claim.

The response from city’s fashionistas has been phenomenal, says Nitin. “It’s been only about three months we started but we are getting hits by the hundreds on our website every day. Publicity has been purely on the basis of word of mouth but sales have outpaced our expectations.”

“We hope to come up with new designs and expand to international markets soon. Women are sure to like our product wherever they may come from.”

(Published 18 August 2014, 12:25 IST)

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