Kagodu raps 'inept' Siddaramaiah govt

Last Updated 19 August 2014, 20:33 IST

Legislative Assembly Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa on Tuesday rapped the Siddaramaiah-led State government for lack of transparency and effective governance, calling it no better than the previous BJP regime.

Speaking to reporters at Vidhana Soudha, he said people do not feel that there is a new government in the State. “The administration has not been effective and the government has not risen up to people’s expectations. It lacks dynamism. There is no transparency in administration,” he said in reply to questions.

The attack came after the Speaker received a complaint regarding alleged irregularities in the installation of microphones in the Legislative Assembly.

In the complaint, it is alleged that an exorbitant sum of Rs 7.90 crore was spent on installing 250 microphones in the Assembly hall recently without proper approval.

Kagodu has been vocal even inside the Assembly as far as administration is concerned.
He has taken the government to task on several occasions for its lapses and caused embarrassment to the ruling party.

Kagodu criticised the government’s slow pace of functioning and blamed the bureaucracy for the administration being slothful. A government should be conscious of what’s happening around.

Policies and programmes of the government should be responsive to people’s aspirations. Decisions should be taken on the spot and files should be disposed of without any delay. These things are missing under this government, he charged and added that he has written a detailed letter to the Chief Minister in this regard.

Pressed to elaborate, he said a visit to a local police station or a taluk office would show how effective the administration was. “The government has promised transparency and healthcare for all. Where is transparency? I cannot see it anywhere. There are no doctors (in government hospitals). How can people get healthcare without doctors?” he asked.

When Deccan Herald asked if protocol permitted a Speaker to air his views in public, Kagodu retorted, “What’s wrong with it? I am an MLA too, and represent people of my constituency. Iron-hand governance at the CM level is desired. The chief minister must meet people and hold review meetings. No paper or file moves at the secretariat. Officials should be active. I can’t keep quiet.”

Asked if he aspired to become a minister, he denied that he had gone to Delhi to meet the party high command to lobby for a ministerial post.

(Published 19 August 2014, 20:33 IST)

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