The songs of success

The songs of success

Metal head

The songs of success

Vinod has been making everyone dance to his tunes ever since he was in school! A regular performer at school fests, he decided to start a band when he was in PUC and has never looked back since then.

“We performed on the college day and soon ‘Error’, our progressive metal band, became more popular. I was the vocalist and songwriter. Our inspirations like ‘Metallica’ and ‘Iron Maiden’ have brought us this far,” recalls the BBM student of CMRIMS joyfully. 

He was soon approached by ‘Decuma’, a well-known death metal band. Having sung covers and original compositions such as ‘Laid to Rest’ by ‘Lamb of God’, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘Ruined’, he feels that both the bands have a long way to go.  As he proudly recalls his achievements, he says, “At an event organised by the British Council, we shared the stage with the popular band ‘Swarathma’. We have collaborated with many other singers too.” He adds, “We have also performed the death and heavy metal versions of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs.”

Both the bands have played at popular events like ‘August Rush’, ‘Republic Day Jam’ and ‘Garage Jam’ and fests conducted by colleges like New Horizon, MVIT and Dayanand Sagar Institutions. ‘Error’ was also the winner of the fests conducted by Cambridge Institute and SEA College. “A song that I sang for ‘Decuma’ was featured on MTV too,” he says and adds, “‘Error’ went to Kerala and performed in a village in front of 4000 people. This was an extremely memorable event. Though nobody knew what metal was, our band was received well.” 

He is excited about his next project. “We are planning on releasing an album which is completely different from our previous works. It will have a lot of Indian elements in metal style.”

As a songwriter, he is inspired by the emotions of people. His songs are also centred around issues like inequality, idol worship and superstitions. Commenting on the metal scene in India, he says, “Metal is growing in India and Bangalore has the best stage possible as it welcomes metal artistes with warmth.
A lot of agencies are giving a chance to some good metal bands. Youngsters from here are also performing original compositions abroad.” Serious about the profession, he says, “I will pursue heavy metal professionally because there is lot of potential in it. I am still waiting for my biggest achievement.”