Dedicated auto lanes introduced

Dedicated auto lanes introduced

The City traffic police introduced a dedicated lane for autorickshaws on an experimental basis at Hudson Circle and Queen’s Circle, on Monday.

“We will study the impact. Based on its success, it will be introduced all over the City,” B Dayananda, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic and Security) told Deccan Herald.

The police top brass took the decision for an autorickshaw lane to segregate slow moving traffic from fast moving traffic. 

“Autorickshaws fall under slow-moving traffic category and slow down vehicular movement on roads. The dedicated lane will help easy movement of autos,” Dayananda sasid.

The traffic police plan to create awareness among autorickshaw drivers about the importance of the dedicated lane. “Printed materials will be distributed to autorickshaw drivers and hoardings will be put up. Additional men will be deployed on these stretches to guide the drivers,” he informed.

“We expect them to follow lane discipline and queue system. The violation of lane discipline will attract a fine of Rs 100,” he said.

Areas for the second phase of the dedicated autorickshaw lane have not yet been identified. The decision will be made based on the feasibility, he said.