A conscious move towards change

A conscious move towards change

A conscious move towards change

WeMove Theatre’ was started by Abhishek Iyengar and Rangaraj Bhattacharya in 2006. With 13 productions and 92 shows to its credit, it recently branched into a new division called WeMove Solutions.

“It is a start-up that deals with corporate solutions using theatre as a medium. It has been six months since we started this wing. We also make short and creative ads, documentaries and other videos. Our third division is ‘WeMove Nritya’ which deals with solutions using dance as a medium,” says Abhishek Iyengar.

When they began this start-up, they never thought that they would explore theatre. Like many, they too wanted to make movies. “Abhishek was into theatre since childhood. That’s how ‘movie’ turned into ‘WeMove’. When pronounced in the reverse order, ‘movie’ becomes ‘we move’,” says Rangaraj .

‘WeMove Solutions’ aims at timely and quality delivery. “Bangalore has a growing number of start-ups. But most of them are either to do with IT or e-commerce. Our start-up is very unique and it is always like standing in a battleground with clients on hand and our employees on the other,” adds Abhishek.

The company deals with corporate and educational workshops. Their corporate workshops aim at making one’s workplace  better. “The corporate world often appears to be grim and serious. So we conduct workshops using theatre as a medium.

Some of the workshops we offer to companies include stress management, conflict management, leadership skills, communication management, ‘fun@work’, theatre workshop and team building. We also design and conduct custom-made workshops based on a company’s requirement,” adds Abhishek.

They also organise school workshops which concentrate on the overall development of students. “We use theatre as a medium to help students concentrate better, shed stage fear and improve their coordination and listening skills. Children nowadays are multi-talented.

We make them realise the talent hidden in them. Every child is an actor, writer or director in his or her own right! Our theatre workshop for kids helps them realise their inner passions and strengths. Moreover, it helps them focus in the right direction,” adds Rangaraj.

WeMove also conducts workshops for college students. These revolve around stress management, personality development and conflict management. “We have an initiative called ‘The Big Step’ that encourages new talents by providing a platform to all those who would like to make it big on stage. ‘The Big Step’ focusses on bringing out the creative person in you be it as an actor, director, light designer, script writer or a stage designer.

A comprehensive five-week course which includes a performance on the final day in an auditorium, ‘The Big Step’ phase 2 includes training on acting, direction, production, lighting and make-up,” adds Abhishek.