We shall toe the defence line adopted by Kasab: Lawyer

We shall toe the defence line adopted by Kasab: Lawyer

We shall toe the defence line adopted by Kasab: Lawyer

Advocate K P Pawar

"We have to toe the line taken by the accused while giving statement to the court on evidence adduced by the prosecution," advocate K P Pawar, defending Kasab in the case, said.
Asked whether he would examine defence witnesses, Pawar said he had not yet decided on this aspect although there were two to three witnesses who might be considered.
Defence witnesses are those whom Kasab would like to examine to defend himself in the trial.

"Kasab's U-turn at this juncture is a calculated move on his part to mislead the court. He is following the Al-qaeda manual which harps on the theme of misleading," Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said.

In his statement to the trial court, Kasab has retracted his confession made before a Magistrate and said he had come from Pakistan not by a boat but by Samjhauta Express train.
He also denied having taken part in the November 26 terror attacks and said the "terrorist" seen in photographs and CCTV footage might be someone else looking like him.

Kasab has also denied having attended the training camp in Pakistan where conspiracy was hatched to attack Mumbai on November 26 last year and said that his version was taken under duress by police. He blamed the Magistrate for not recording the correct version.

Kasab's statement before Judge M L Tahaliyani would continue to be recorded on January 6 when the court resumes hearing after Christmas vacation.
Kasab has also disputed the testimony of eye-witnesses who had identified him in the police parade and in the court, saying they might have seen someone else who looks like him.

According to Pawar, Kasab has dwelt on many aspects of evidence tabled against him and his statement may conclude within a day or two after the court reopens.
Thereafter, the other two accused, Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed may be called upon to give their statements on evidence adduced against them.

All the accused would be given an opportunity to examine witnesses to defend themselves. If this happens then the prosecution would have a right to cross examine the witnesses.