Ceramics that look crafted in bronze

Ceramics that look crafted in bronze

Solo exhibition

Ceramics that look crafted in bronze

Sculptor PR Daroz is known for his bold and innovative techniques and dramatic sculptures made from ceramics and clay.  He has worked with a variety of mediums and has produced utility-driven tableware, animal figures, etc and has experimented with abstract forms as well. His skills and deep understanding of his medium give his creations a new meaning and feel. His recent works are on display at an exhibition at Art Alive Gallery, and they effectively capture life and the moods and expressions of the people around the artist.

 Born in Hyderabad, Daroz completed the first leg of his education with a Diploma in Applied arts and Design, as well as a further training in sculpture, from College of Fine Arts and Architecture in Hyderabad. He then went on to pursue specialisation in ceramics under Jyotsna Bhatt in the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda.

Talking to Metrolife Daroz, said, “I have tried to showcase puzzled faces through my sculptures, like people looking out from windows. Although my sculptures are made in ceramics, but they look metallic, they look as if they are made from bronze.”

With ‘expressions of people’ being his favourite theme, he said, “We are all surrounded by people…our friends, family, etc. And when you look at their faces, you will understand their feelings. One cannot ignore ‘people’ around them. Even if you are alone somewhere, there will be people around you with different expressions. People are with you all the time. Even if you close your eyes, you can still see them and their expressions…they are part of you and within you.”

Daroz’s name has become synonymous with archite­ctural, large scale ceramic
installations in India. His impressive list includes the mural at the Sardar PatelPlanetarium, Baroda, mural of Large Stupa series pots, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, mural at the American study centre, Delhi, mural and columns, Hotel Spice Island, Chennai, ceramic mural at Reliance Industries, Navi Mumbai, etc.

The exhibition is on at Art Alive Gallery, S-221, Panch­sheel Park till October 20, from 11 am to 7 pm.